4Cs Declare Impasse in CBA Negotiations

Our union declared impasse in contract negotiations yesterday, after months of unsuccessful and unproductive negotiations with the Board of Regents.

At the negotiations table yesterday, we learned President Cheng is still unwilling to provide the 4Cs a contract extension and President Cheng is “considering” how and when to proceed with community college promotions.

The BOR has refused repeated requests to extend the 4Cs contract such that you and your colleagues can apply for promotion. However, the BOR has extended CSU-AAUP’s contract through the end of this calendar year, and CSU-AAUP members have already sent in their promotion applications.

President Cheng and the BOR have not moved an inch on their draconian and regressive proposals. They have not taken any of their attacks to our contract or attacks to our union off the table. They remain unwilling to meaningfully discuss many of the contract proposals we have sent to them. And they have chosen the hostile and punitive strategy of holding our promotion process hostage.

We declared impasse for all the reasons above. We will start the process of selecting an arbitrator, and we will begin preparing for arbitration. We will keep you informed of next steps as we continue this fight.

We need you to join us, as we continue fighting for you. We need you to join us as we fight and for the colleges and services our students and communities deserve.

The fight continues tomorrow.

Join us this Saturday at noon as we rally at the Governor’s mansion.

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