Higher Ed Labor United (HELU) Winter Summit Starts Now!

Higher Ed Labor United (HELU) is a national committee representing all ranks of higher education workers across the country — including student workers, postdocs, staff, and adjunct, contingent, and tenured faculty — joined together to create a bold, unified vision for higher education. You can read about the vision and more on their website

HELU will hold a Winter Summit February 23–27 to build support for a collaborative Vision Platform and to help coordinate efforts to advance a national agenda for transforming U.S. colleges and universities. The summit will focus on three core tasks: coordinating the surge of higher education worker organizing across the country, developing federal policy proposals to reverse the trends that have damaged higher education over the last several decades, and engaging in the political process by educating politicians and candidates on these issues and working to support those who will advance a program of democratizing higher education.

You can (still) register for the Winter Summit as a member of the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges (4Cs) below!

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