Legislative Monitor

The legislative session began on Wednesday, February 9. What occurs at the Capital every legislative session is critical to our work, not only as state employees, but as public institutions that rely on the state for funding and oversight. The decisions that our elected state officials make have real consequences on our working conditions and our students learning conditions. 

We send these emails throughout the session to make you aware of pending legislation, opportunities to testify, and more. Please stay informed!

4Cs Legislative Agenda

Community College Consolidation – there are three bills related to consolidation:

  1. Preserve the individual accreditation of the twelve Connecticut community colleges
  2. Require a vote by the General Assembly on mergers and closures 
  3. Require greater transparency about CSCU’s finances

Unemployment Benefits for Adjuncts: Require the employer to tell the Department of Labor which part-time employees have a reassurance of rehire so that others can apply for unemployment easier. For those that receive a reassurance and it falls through, allow retroactive unemployment benefits. 

Mental Health Counseling: Ensure that staffing levels for licensed counselors are at the IACS recommended ratio of one to 1,000 to 1,5000 students at every public college and university campus.

Other Legislation We Support:

Food and Housing Insecurity. Even before the pandemic, our students were struggling with food and housing security. We support legislation that helps to alleviate these challenges for our students.

Faculty Voting on the CSCU BOR. Guarantee that the Chair and Vice Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee have a vote on the Board of Regents.

Do you have a story about this legislation? Can provide testimony on any of these bills? Let us know!

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