Rally for Our Contract

Our community college system is in crisis. 

The System continues to hire more Vice Presidents and upper-level managers while members that work directly with students such as mental health counselors are extremely understaffed and other critical staff is being threatened with layoffs. Further, the System wants faculty to teach an unrealistic course load that will not allow them to properly support the students in their classes. 

Together, we can make positive change. Remember what we are fighting for in our contract:

  • Equity in workload & additional responsibilities 
  • Portable tenure
  • More staff and services for our students
  • Telework
  • One-year contracts for EAs and part-time faculty
  • Distance learning premium that recognizes that additional work
  • Higher wages

We have an opportunity to win better working conditions for ourselves and learning conditions for our students.

Direct action wins contracts! Join us by signing up below. RSVP for the 2/19 Rally

Download flyer as PDF

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