The Disastrous Rollout of the System’s Policy on COVID

The union leadership – including our elected statewide officers and chapter officers – have heard from many members about CSCU’s reprimand letter received on Thursday, October 7. HR sent letters to nearly one-third of our membership, but we have no confidence in their list because of the many significant errors and inconsistencies that our members have reported to us.

Among the errors and questions that we will be discussing with the System Office HR:

  • Former employees named as non-compliant who aren’t currently working;
  • Employees that are vaccinated and have attested to it (in some cases, attesting to it multiple times);
  • Employees that have complied with the weekly testing;
  • Members that received that October 7th letter but never received a warning on September 21st;
  • Employees being told inconsistent information about whether they need to test on campus; and,
  • Inconsistent information being shared with employees about whether they need to comply if they only teach online/telework and will not be required to be on campus.

If you received a letter of reprimand, please do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Email your HR office (find your contact here) and copy your union organizer (find here) and chapter representative (find here).
  2. Explain your reason for contact, which should either be:
    1. An explanation that you are in compliance with the policy because you have been tested weekly or have attested that you are vaccinated or have or are seeking a medical exemption (note: you do not have to share the details of your medical exemption with the union or any medical information with your chapter leaders), OR
    2. A question that needs a clear answer so that you are able to understand why you are out of compliance and how to get into compliance.

4Cs leadership has already reached out to System Office HR about the errors. 

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